The Drywall Tool used by Professionals

  • Eliminates Measuring
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Prevents Drywall Damage
  • Avoids Cutting Electrical Wires
  • Easy to Use
Designed, Tested and Used Daily by Professional Drywall Installers, The VAZIT Electrical Box Cutout Tool eliminates having to measure electrical box locations and acts as a guide for cutting the box shape out of the drywall.

Tested under 'Real World' conditions by professional installers, the VAZIT Tool has proven itself as a valuable tool that Saves Time and Money.


The VAZIT TOOL is simply placed in the Electrical Boxes BEFORE the drywall is applied. Once the drywall is applied, a push on the area where the boxes are located will reveal the location of the tool behind the drywall. Using a router and the tool as a guide, the drywall covering it and the tool can then easily be removed. While the VAZIT TOOL is in place, it also protects any wiring in the box from being cut by the router.

Whether you're a Pro or a Do-it-yourselfer, the VAZIT TOOL is a must have!

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